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Upvote @ 100% power 80% weight: $0.08 (19/NOV/2018)


Learn how to use in our opinion the best minnow upvote and boosting service available for!

What Does MinnowBooster Do?

Primarily a community driven post promotion service, MinnowBooster offer lot’s of services including:

  • Promoting your post via purchasing upvotes to gain extra visibility!
  • Sell your own upvote to earn SBD while you sleep!
  • Lease Steem power on the market or to the bot to earn Steem while you sleep!
  • Use their SteemVoter service to automate your upvotes!

Promoting Your Posts

We suggest strongly that you promote your posts through MinnowBooster as it will drastically help you gain visibility on your posts. The extra visibility will encourage others to vote on your posts.

How To Promote Your Post

  • Login to MinnowBooster using SteemConnect
  • Click on “my account” then click on “balance” (top right of page)
  • Deposit some SBD using the tool on the page, approving the transfer with SteemConnect
  • Enter the amount of SBD you want to upvote your post for, enter the link to your post, and click “upvote from balance”

That’s it! You will have purchased a post promotion upvote.

Selling Your Upvote

Selling your upvote is a perfect way to pay for your post promotion through MinnowBooster. You can sell your vote, then use the earned SBD to purchase post promotion upvotes. This effectively makes your post promotion votes free!

If you have around 150 or more Steem power available then we strongly suggest that you sell your upvote through MinnowBooster. You can limit the voting based on your remaining voting power, for example you can set to sell only when your voting power is over 90%.

How To Sell Your Upvote

  • Login to MinnowBooster using SteemConnect
  • Click on “my account” then click on “vote selling” (top right of page)
  • Click on “settings” and enter your settings, ensuring to check “sell your vote”
  • Click “update” and verify through SteemConnect

That’s it! You will now sell your upvote and your earnings will be visible in your “my account” – “balance” page. Please note: you may not sell all of your available votes every day, it varies due to demand.