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Upvote @ 100% power 80% weight: $0.08 (19/NOV/2018)

Kryptonia & Steemit

Excellent way to get extra upvotes, followers, and resteems for your posts!

What Is Kryptonia?

In a nutshell, Kryptonia is a community built around Superior coin. You carry out simple social tasks such as liking someone’s video, following them on Twitter or essentially upvoting their Steemit posts will reward you with Superior coins. Once earned, the coins are held in your account for 14 days until they are unlocked and can be used, saved or withdrawn.

So Why Use Kryptonia For Steemit?

You can use Kryptonia to do the following things:

  • Upvote your Steemit posts
  • Get extra followers on Steemit
  • Get resteems of your Steemit posts

You should use Kryptonia to set up a task for every post you create on Steemit. This way you’re likely to receive multiple upvotes on your post.

How To Get Superior Coins?

The primary method of getting Superior coins is by completing tasks on Kryptonia. You do not have to complete the Steemit tasks, but any that are reasonably easy and give a good coin amount for completion of the task. We would suggest to only complete tasks of 15 coins or more.

We also offer a small micro exchange through a semi-permanent task on Kryptonia where we offer 1000 Superior coins for a transfer of 0.5 Steem to our Steemit account @SteemitBuilder. (please be aware you will need to wait for your coins to be unlocked like a regular task)

Benefits Of Using Kryptonia?

A great example of the benefits of using Kryptonia is:

Carry out someone’s task to upvote their Steemit post, you will be paid X amount of coins, as well as any curation rewards on Steemit. Whereas if you carried out the exact same action on Steemit, no Superior coins! So it is pretty much a win-win situation.

When you first start out on Kryptonia, you are limited for coins, you do get your first task free. (We will explain about setting this up later.), but the key to success is to log in to Kryptonia each day and carry out a few tasks that will earn you coins, doing so, will mean after the initial 14 days, you will unlock coins every single day, if you keep up the consistency. You can then use these coins to create your own tasks such as receiving daily upvotes on your Steemit blog. Not only will you get upvotes, but if you use the tags Kryptonia and Superior coin you will also get free upvotes from their very generous bots.