Bitcoin & BCH, Doge, LTC Faucets 

Earn more with our recommended faucets where you can claim free BTC, BCH, LTC, Doge and more with 2 easy clicks.

What Is A Faucet?

Simply put a faucet is a website that will allow you to claim a small amount of coins for clicking a button. It’s that simple, and 100% free to use!

The faucets can give away these coins because they display adverts to you, and you are being rewarded with a share of the profit from the ad displays. The website owner is simply giving you a percentage of their profit in return for you visiting their website.

How To Claim Your Free BTC?

This part is easy, simply visit the websites below and enter an email address to register. Once registered simply make a claim for your coins, they will then be sent to your coinpot account. (coinpot is the wallet that will hold your coins from all claims and is created when you register at any of the sites, just remember to use the same email address for all of them).

Tips & Tricks

We suggest a few helpful tips and tricks to help get you up and running with the faucets to earn a little extra coins which you could use to power up some Steem or maybe purchase an upvote through Minnow Booster!

1. Registering РMake sure to register and claim on all of the sites using the same email address as this will send all the coins to the same Coinpot account.

2. Bookmark Our Links – We suggest to bookmark all links and also add the webpages to a home-screen on your phone so you can quickly access all the faucets wherever you are!

3. Claim Every Day – Make this part of your Steemit daily routine where you write your post and collect from the faucets at the same time. This will build up your 100% daily claim bonus and increases your claim amount by 100% when you have logged in for 100 days. As said in tip #2 you should add the links to a home screen on your phone so you can claim wherever you are in the world!

4. Convert Your Tokens – The free Coinpot Tokens should be converted into Doge coin as they are closer to 1 of this currency meaning it will be easier to withdraw as Doge coin.