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Upvote @ 100% power 80% weight: $0.08 (19/NOV/2018)

Voting FAQ’s

Here we answer questions about all things to do with votes and voting.

What Voting Weight Do I Get?

The voting weight in “phase #2” is set to 1.5% per build. This means if you have 10 builds you will receive a 15% upvote.

Why Has My Voting Weight Dropped?

We adjust voting weights when we enter a new “Phase”. We move “phase” once we reach a certain level of steem power. Then you will see your voting weight dropped. We aim to provide our users with roughly the following vote value based upon the number of builds you have. For example: if you have 10 builds and were receiving a 15% upvote at say $0.03 vote value, then if your voting weight drops you will still receive the $0.03 vote value.

How Many Votes Can I Get Every Day?

As a member you will receive 1¬† or 2 upvotes from @steemitbuilder every day, depending if you selected “multi post” in the memo. And you will also receive votes from your @steembasicincome shares

Why Didn't I Get My Vote?

Please ensure that your post is at least 24.5 hours from the time of the post we last upvoted. We use SteemAuto for voting and sometimes this can miss votes, if it does please reach out via commenting on our post or submit the missed vote form here and we will manually upvote.

Can I Increase My Vote Value?

Yes, providing you have less than 2 x 100% upvotes per day! You can increase your voting weight and value by purchasing more builds at 1 Steem per build or 2 Steem per build with SBI shares.

Can I Get More Upvotes Each Day?

No, currently we only offer 2 votes every 24 hours. In the future we may decided to offer an option for more upvotes per day.

Member FAQ’s

Here we answer questions about all things to do with members and memberships.

How Do I Join @SteemitBuilder?

You can join us if we have enough builds available, you can see how many builds are available in our Lookup Tool.

If we have enough builds available then you simply transfer @SteemitBuilder the relevant amount of Steem not SBD on Find out more join us

How Long Will My Membership Last?

We hope to keep the @SteemitBuilder project running indefinitely, and all memberships are life time with no expiration. A single payment for permanent daily upvotes is our aim here.

Can I Register A Friend?

Yes, simply transfer the relevant amount of Steem to @SteemitBuilder and include your friends name in the memo. 

Example Memo: “@myfriendsname”

Are There Member Rules?

Yes, and they are really simple.

  1. No spam (poorly written posts, spammy posts, copied posts, bot posts)
  2. Photo posts must contain supporting text of minimum 100 words
  3. No NSFW
  4. No voting bot abuse
  5. No plagiarism 
What Happens To The Steem I Paid?

We split membership build fees in the following ways:

NO SBI Builds

The fees from builds without SBI are simply powered up. We do not use member fees to purchase delegation.

YES SBI Builds

1 Steem used to purchase you a share in @steembasicincome and 1 Steem powered up.

We power up our member fees instead of purchasing delegation as this will allow for sustainability.

How Many People Can Join?

The number of people that can join our project depends upon the “Phase” we are in. As we move through “phases” and gain significantly more SP we will open up more builds for each “Phase”.

You can view the number of builds / places left available on our “Lookup Tool

Can I Post In The Members Blog?

The members blog is reserved for our top level sponsors, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor then please visit the donate / sponsor page