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Ways To Earn More

Here we list our favourite manually reviewed promotion tools and projects for Steemit, to help you earn more! Tools & Projects


Project to promote quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medical posts. Be warned, your posts must meet their criteria and standards. Do not try to submit an article unless you know exactly what you are doing here.


Yes, we purchase members shares in this project. But you can also purchase your own additional shares. Transfer 1 Steem for every share you want along with the username of a friend you would like to sponsor into their project.


This user runs a facuet post where they share out the SBD rewards equally among all of the voters. It wont make you rich, but add it to your SteemAuto list and get a small payout every Sunday. Great way to get a little extra MinnowBooster.

Other Crypto Tools & Projects

Brave Browser

This is a brand new web browser based on a crypto currency. It’s up to 5 times faster than Chrome or Safari and has a built in adblocker!

Manna Basic Income

A crypto currency with a universal basic income available to everyone in the world. Get free coins every week with Manna

ByteBall AirDrop

Exclusive to Steemit members you get free Byte Ball coins depending upon your Steemit reputation. We advise waiting until you’re rep 40 or more!

Please note:

We have used all of the projects and tools listed here, and have reviewed all of them to be working at the time of listing. If you have any issues with any of the projects or tools listed here, please contact them directly through Steemit.

If you would like to have your project listed here, please contact us.