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Donate Or Sponsor @SteemitBuilder

Help us help minnows to grow their accounts!

About Donating & Sponsoring

We provide our service to minnows who are looking to build their accounts, and we want to make sure they receive upvotes on their post at least once per day. We find that it can be disheartening for new members of to gain upvotes on their posts, that sometimes can take hours to create.

We feel that in order to help keep people interested and coming back to that we need to provide manually reviewed users with a daily upvote or two on their posts.

We do this by providing upvotes from our accounts and by purchasing every member shares in the @steembasicincome project. This guarantees that our members will get at minimum 2 upvotes every 24 hours on their posts (1 post per day).

We are limited by our Steem Power and in order for us to be able to provide this service to more minnows we do need some help.

We are looking for people of all levels to help donate and sponsor to our project. In return we are offering some extra benefits and rewards, such as extra voting weight, access to a featured blog, and more to those who sponsor or donate to us.

Unfortunately we can’t offer any sort of ROI on sponsorship or donations as we are using the little Steem Power we have to help our members. As a sponsor or donator we appreciate you dearly and we do offer a few small benefits and rewards in return.  

How Donations & Sponsorships Work

Please consider sponsoring or donating to our project and help us increase our Steem Power and help more minnows grow! If you would like to help us you can simply send us any amount of Steem or SBD to @steemitbuilder with the memo “gift” so we know why you have sent it.

All donations will be directly powered up no matter how big or small, even 0.01 Steem will help.

Donation Benfits:

Members of our project that donate at least 10 Steem or SBD will have their voting weight increased slightly and will be featured as a “donation giver” in our posts as a thank you.

Non-members that donate at least 10 Steem or SBD will be mentioned in as a “donation giver” in our posts and will have their latest post resteemed as a thank you.