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Creative Diary allowing members to earn from their creative artworks and portfolio!

What Is Creary?

Creary is a website very similar to Steemit, however it is based around the creative industry only. This is a great way for artists to share and also earn from likes and sales of their digital artwork alike! 

Unlike Steemit you can set an amount of CREA (the currency used on Creary) for people to be able to purchase your works and use them as per your terms. You can set any type of license you want and with it being timestamped on the blockchain ensures you have full ownership rights!

Why Use Creary?

We believe that Creary will help the creative artists out there by giving timestamped rights along with multiple revenue streams. If you’re an artist and are using Steemit to promote your work then you should definitely be using Creary too!

It’s a great community and just like Steemit it’s free to join, so please do head on over and have a look at our sponsors profile by clicking on the image below and check them out!