Using Facebook to Sell.

Guest Post by @socialmediaseo

If you have a business that promotes either products or services that can either be delivered physically or digitally, then promoting via Facebook can be a great way of getting new customers, as well as retaining old ones. What should be noted is that Facebook advertising can be very hit and miss but it is possible to build a customer base and also retain them for future sales.

If you do run a business, then consider driving your customers to your Facebook page and to become a fan, post regular updates on there and also use Facebook to find new customers, simply installing a Facebook pixel on your site and then using the data from that can allow you to set up micro-advertising campaigns to increase your earnings.

One of the coolest things about building the social media component of your business is that you have a captive audience, which is much more effective (and cheaper) than using conventional mail or email lists to update your customers. But be warned, it can be a very slow growth but something that should be considered for long-term growth.

Thanks for reading.